Please make sure to have your bike and body in good working order prior to the session. Make sure to have your bike set up with flat pedals and wear sneakers. Helmets are required and body armor is recommended. 

Level 3 Skills Clinic

Advanced Cornering

Line Choice




Advanced Drops

Level 2 Skills Clinic

Rear Wheel Lift


Line Choice

Level Lift

​Roll Down Lunge

​Intro to Drops

Level 1 Skills Clinic

Body Positioning

Bike and Body Separation


Pedal Position

Front Wheel Lifts

​Into to Cornering

Our clinics and private lessons are broken down into 3 Levels, 1, 2, 3. That being said, each clinic is different and we will do our best to make sure all participants are challenged during each session.  Below is a breakdown of what skills are covered in each level. The Level 3 clinic requires prior approval from Jay to participate.